Symantec Secure Site

1 Year €470.96 EUR

Symantec Secure Site is considered the most reliable and prestigious SSL certificate produced by the reputable Symantec brand, providing flawless protection for multiple domains simultaneously. To date, the Symantec certification authority is one of the few whose specialists are ready to provide your project with the highest security level. It is possible to purchase Symantec Secure Site for a site at AlexHost inexpensively and receive a recognized seal of trust on any of the sites protected by this product. Ordering such a solution at AlexHost profitably and quite cheaply, you get a high-quality and multifunctional SSL digital security document including:

Purchasing a Symantec Secure Site for a site also includes built-in malware scanning and a rapid assessment of potential vulnerabilities.

Certificate nameSymantec Secure Site
TargetUsers’ personal data security
Target buyerLegal entities
Delivery time 3-14 days
Domains’ numberSeveral domains 
Documents’ verification needYes


Symantec Secure Site mission

The main purpose of purchasing Symantec Secure Site for the site is to provide comprehensive security for the web portal and each of its visitors. This is the best solution to protect personal users’ information and preserve the reputation of your company. Any enterprise applying to AlexHost with a corresponding application may acquire this certificate at an affordable price. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the digital certificate will be provided by the certification authority strictly to enterprises with state registration.

Symantec Secure Site advantages for a website

If you are also planning to acquire Symantec Secure Site, take a look at the range of this product’s benefits:

The presence of the built-in Seal-in-Search option allows you to embed an additional seal of trust in the issuance of search engines’ results. This factor also favorably affects the credibility of your company and visitors’ trust.

1 Year €470.96 EUR