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Alexhost has a new dedicated server promotion, this is an exclusive promotion valid only for this dedicated server Dual Intel XEON e5-2680 v2, RAM – 256GB DDR3 ECC, 8 x 600 GB SAS.

New year has started, Alexhost wants to improve our services, products and support. Many things will be there soon. This is not a “new”, Alexhost is working on improving our services when we have that ready and out-of-box we will announce to our customers

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2680 v2 – 50% OFF Discount! ?

Alexhost is offering a good deal with this dedicated server Dual Intel XEON e5-2680 v2 with 256GB RAM DDR3 ECC, 8×600 SAS for the price 165€ / monthly the usual price of this dedicated server is about or close to ~330€ euros per month. We are doing a 50% OFF Discount on this dedicated server.

What kind of Hardware is used?

  • 256GB DDR3 ECC RAM – This will be enough to run many websites and high traffic websites there. This quantity of RAM will provide a good performance, this is good to use in websites that consume a lot of RAM and have many services. 256GB RAM DDR3 ECC is the one of best choices for high traffic websites, heavy websites, consuming high amounts of RAM. This is probably a good choice.
  • CPU – 2 CPU, 20 cores, 40 threads this dedicated server is ideal for high consuming websites, 40 threads will make sure that you can run many services as you want, for example Telegram Bots, Forums, Streaming websites and many things that require a lot of CPU. Plus with 20 Cores in this dedicated server is a good deal.
  • Storage – 8×600 GB SAS Storage, this will have about ~5TB of Storage, this is a SAS Disk which is not equal to HDD, but similar. The speed is much better compared with normal HDD. This is a good dedicated server for who wants more than 1TB and not HDD but SAS. This is the ideal choice for storage, backups, videos or images storage and many things that require a good amount of Disk Space.

Do you think this is a good deal? Want to order this dedicated server and guarantee your discount?

How to order? Dual Intel XEON e5-2680 v2 (Limited Stock available)?

If you want to order here:

You will receive your 50% OFF Discount and you will only pay 165€ euros and not 330€, note that this is a promotion of Alexhost, we can’t guarantee that we will have many in stock.
Alexhost will provide this dedicated server for you, which is limited to stock. Guarantee your dedicated server right now and don’t lose time! ?